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Android And iOS: App Stores Hide ‘Prolific’ Government Spyware—Says BlackBerry

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How To Detect & Remove BlackBerry Spyware & BlackBerry Spy Apps

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The channels are the same. The apps look the same. And the sophistication, for all but the highest level attacks, is ballpark the same. Ultimately, what this report does is highlight in one document what the raft of recent disclosures have shown in the round—that the mobile malware landscape is real and getting worse.

Some Of The Things You Can Do With FlexiSPY

The dark web is overrun with malicious code for sale. And while most of this is relatively benign for users, there are plenty of examples that are not. And as long as consumers glibly install trivial apps without a thought to the safety of their devices the issue will continue to get worse. The use of such mobile malware by governments is not new—the report acknowledges that such attack vectors date back years. And while not making us any safer in itself, if that awareness leads to more caution in what we download then we will be safer for it.

In the meantime, Google and Apple continue to fight to prevent thousands of dangerous apps from hiding in amongst millions of legitimate ones. And within those thousands of unsafe apps, there are hundreds of truly malicious ones. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Zak Doffman.